Chrome Profiles Save Your Important Information

In Google Chrome, you can save all of your bookmarks, passwords, themes, etc to your login to make life on the go a lot easier!  It’s such a time saver and I can’t tell you the number of times I have done a little THANK YOU dance because I’ve needed this feature (mostly when my laptop has died and I had to get something done on a borrowed computer)
If you have never setup your login to sync this information, first go to the chrome login page and login using your Gmail or G Suite account information.
It will ask you what all you would like to sync.  Unless you have a reason not to, go ahead and check them all.  I say the more it will remember for me, the happier I’ll be (and I’ll have brain space for all the nonsense I think about during the day).
Once you’re syncing, it will now save all of your bookmarks, passwords (if you approve), themes and more to your account.  This is great because if you go somewhere else and login to chrome on a different computer, YOUR chrome experience will load with all of that information so it will be as if you never left your computer!
Fun stuff huh?  Now, learn how to set up multiple profiles, which is something that makes Chrome superior to other browsers (In my opinion).  Click here to learn how!

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