Chromebooks: Are they right for you?

Chromebooks are one of the hottest items this year in the tech world.  They are AWESOME computers….if you are buying them for the right reason….

The first question I like to ask people when they’re considering buying a chromebook is: “What do you plan to do with it?”  If the answer is, “I just need something small and inexpensive to type Microsoft Word documents” or “I’m getting it for my daughter who loves to play games”, I’d tell you to NOT buy a Chromebook.  I’ve heard of several stories where people have bought these devices for these particular reasons and were quite disappointed to find out they will not work for those goals.

Chromebooks are web based.  They really only do anything you can currently do inside of the Chrome Web Browser on any other computer.  So, you can’t install Microsoft Office on them and you can’t install games either.  If a game works inside of Google Chrome, you’re good, but that doesn’t include things like Roblox, Minecraft, Sims, and various other games that require a download and install.  (Side note: there are some ways around it, but my recommendation is – buy a different computer).

So what CAN you do?

Well, your word processor and best friend overall will be Google Drive.  All of the Google products work BEAUTIFULLY on a Chromebook.  You can also download a lot of games in the Chrome Web Store. And some of the best things about Chromebooks, in my opinion, is they boot super fast, generally have great battery life and are fairly inexpensive.

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