Chrome’s Multiple Users Feature: Don’t Miss It!

If you’re a Google Chrome user that is already in love with saving your information to your profile, you can add multiple profiles to your experience in a few quick steps. It’s so easy and the benefit is that all of your bookmarks, passwords, etc are stored with your login.  That way, your bookmarks are YOUR bookmarks and you don’t have to have your 3 year old’s sesame street links clogging up your bookmark bar!  It’s brilliant!

To make this happen, visit the top of your browser window …. all the way up there in the right corner.  You should see your name (if you’re on a mac, you might see a little picture).  Click it.
The drop down should have your name listed, Guest, and Manage People.
GUEST is a profile that allows your cousin, Eddie, to switch to that profile, login and check his email, etc. Then, when he closes the window, it starts fresh and logs him out of anything he logged into.  Keeping their information safe and your computer free of unnecessary clutter!
Click on Manage People.  At the bottom of the window that opens, you will see a link to Add Person.  Click this will open a new window that allows you to create a new profile.  You’ll create the name, select a fun icon then click save.
A brand new Chrome browser window will open and prompt the “new user” to login using their Gmail or G Suite credentials.  Once they login, all of their information saves to this new profile window.
To toggle between the users in Chrome, you’ll just go right back up there to the top right of the browser window, click on the name, then select the profile you need.  Once you do, all preferences for that user will open up in a new window and you’ll be ready to get to work!
Why this can be beneficial, especially in a household:
1.  Everyone can have their own instance of facebook open… more logging out and logging back in and confusing who is logged in and if you’re posting to the right page.
2.  No conflicting Gmail logins.  This happens often that folks will have multiple gmails open in one window and they start to conflict.  Using Google Chrome profiles will eliminate that problem.
3.  Little Mackenzie’s bookmarks for youtube videos on how to paint your nails or links to minecraft tutorials aren’t taking over your bookmark bar.
4.  Personal, business, group emails and social media are all separated and can easily be toggled between to get work done!

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