Firefox Profile Setup

Want to save all of your bookmarks in Firefox so they can be moved from device to device, no matter where you are?  It’s great when you’re visiting a friend and really need to get some work done but need your passwords and bookmarks.  You can log right in on their computer and voila!  You see the same thing in their browser as you do at home!
To get started, create a login with Firefox by visiting their login page
It will guide you through the steps to create your login.  When it asks you what you want to sync, you can decide depending on your needs, but unless you have a reason not to, go ahead and leave everything checked.  It will save your entire experience which will make things simpler moving forward.
Once you have your login created, you’re good to go!  It will save your information, then if you ever need to login to another computer, it will bring up all of your bookmarks and other synced information.  Low stress!  Easy!
For all password saves, it will prompt you before it saves those….because sometimes we want to type those in ourselves.  You’ll see a popup like the one below.  You can edit it as needed, then click save.  Or, simply click don’t save and it won’t bother you again.
To create additional profiles LIKE GOOGLE CHROME HAS, it’s a bit more complicated, but can be done.  Here is a great post from HowtoGeek that will help you.

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