I Like Paper

PAPER.  Is it a lost tool that less and less people are using?  Maybe.  

I still use it though.  Quite a bit, actually.  I grew up with paper and was taught how to plan/organize my thoughts using paper; I think that’s what made it stick, because planning is when I use it the most.  Something about writing it out makes my brain process it just a bit better.

I know not everyone works this way, but for me……and yes, I’m a techie nerd……I like it.

Take my conference, BizCon, for example.  I have a notebook I have carried around with to-do lists, room diagrams, lists of what goes on tables, lists, lists and lists.  I’m a list person and I like paper lists. I’ve tried many times to use online list tools, or even the ones on my phone.  And I still use them to an extent; but the lists that really need to get done RIGHT NOW or the ones that I really need to give some thought to, they go on paper….at least for the initial “brain dump”.  Then sometimes they roll on over to Google Keep.

So, if you see me walking around nerdy with my laptop and a notebook with a freshly sharpened pencil stuck in my hair….you may laugh….but know something truly awesome is cultivating in there.  And if I am working with you to help you get organized, feel comfort in knowing that paper is my friend too and sometimes it’s the best tool for the job.

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