Ideas Overflowing

Wandering around the interwebs, I found this article “What To Do When You Have Too Many Ideas” by Mike Vardy.  My first thought was “Woah, this is a valid problem!”  And I kind of got excited and had to read more.  I feel like my brain is a free-flowing idea machine and I LOVE putting my ideas into action. There really are very few personal satisfactions that can match creating an idea and acting on it.

So, I read more.  What great tips! For one, writing your ideas down and organizing them.  I was thinking perhaps create a Google Keep sticky or two for various types of ideas.  My insane inventions alone would clog up at least one sticky note.

Let them simmer and GET REAL are two great tips for ideas that I’m gonna go ahead and combine into one.  If I’ve had some caffeine and I come up with an idea….watch out!  Especially if the tools I need to make it happen are in front of me.  It really should simmer and get real, but the caffeine makes me feel otherwise.  All those inventions I come up with are great examples.  I would LOVE a large-ish lunch bag that keeps my food cold but also has a laptop sleeve on the back of it so that I don’t have to carry two bags around.  I’m not really into the whole “build a new product” thing, so I am real about it and know I’m not going to quit my day job and go be a lunch box inventor.  But, it was fun coming up with the idea and if anyone wants to go make that, feel free to send me one.  I’ll be a product tester.

Read the article.  It’s great and hopefully will help you organize those ideas into something workable for you!

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