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A couple days ago, Google announced that inbox types are now supported in Android Gmail.  They’ve been there for a while in Gmail on the web and include organizing your email by:

  • Unread First
  • Important First
  • Starred First
  • Priority

So why do we use them?  To help us be more organized and efficient. If you are really good at achieving inbox zero, Unread first is going to be your best buddy.  Gmail will automatically separate out the unread emails for you and place them at the top of your screen.  If you use importance markers (the little yellow tab looking thing next to your emails) it will place those at the top, same with starred emails.

Now, when you get into priority, things get REALLY crazy.  with priority you can separate out your inbox so that one section is unread, one section is starred, etc.  There are several customization options for that to make it work for you.

I’ve used all of these (except important because I just don’t care for the importance markers).  For me personally, I’m not so into them. They distract me.  I used priority for the longest time but I found I was losing some emails “below the fold” because the “fold” is now much smaller.  Keep that in mind when selecting one of these options.  The general “view 50 emails at a time” settings doesn’t apply here.

A friend of mine LOVES and I mean LOVES the unread first.  Her email is a bit…..messy and she has something like 15,000 emails in her inbox (GAH!) so she knows she will lose her unreads if she doesn’t separate them out.  I can’t live like that without going insane, but it works for her.

Find what works for you. This is a good tool for many to use to stay on top of that never ending mail box.

Instructions to setup on your computer

Instructions to setup on your android device

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