Life’s Balance

We’ve all been out of balance at some point.  Sometimes we realize it right then, other times we look back months or years later and realize it.  There are things that take importance at some point and might tip your scales of life in one direction for a minute; or sometimes without even realizing, a year has gone by and the scales are still unbalanced.

Whatever the cause of imbalance, I know that when I look back at times in my life where the scales weren’t even, there is one thing that coincides with it…..happiness.  Some of the most unhappy times in my life were when one or more things were simply not being tended to in the way they needed.

A while back I started working with a business coach.  The very first thing he handed me was a Wheel of Life and asked me to color in each piece of the pie to the importance level in my life.  We can also use this wheel to look at how balanced we are.  How much attention have you given to each section?

Is your piece of the pie tiny or large? Could you take some from one piece and add to another to help balance them?

We constantly need to assess where we are and keep striving for that balance.  Keep this wheel on your fridge or your computer and look at it from time to time.  Have you forgotten to find something fun to do in the last few weeks?  Go do it!  Have you not paid enough attention to the family this week?  Go play a game with them!  Whatever works, it will be rewarding in the end.

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