OK, Google….Be my Personal Assistant

I've said for years that I would love someone to pal around with me, jot things down when they come to my head, tell me where to go when I don't know how to get somewhere or send an email if I'm too busy doing something else. As I was wandering around today, I realized I've really made my phone my best pal. A few scenerios:

1. I was walking out of a meeting in, what felt like 150 degree sun. Bag in hand, keys in the other. Rather than stop walking so I didn't get run over, I just said "ok Google, take me home". My phone responded, "ok, let's go!". In that moment, I felt like I had saved myself so much hassle. It only really saved me a few seconds of my time, but it was so great for things to be set up and ready as soon as I sat down in my car.

2. On my way home, my mind was racing with all of the things I needed to do from "ok Google, remind me to text Dawn to tell her I want to come visit her beach house" to " ok Google, remind me to call Dan about his internet issue". Because I was driving, she would read back what I was trying to put in my to do list and verify she got it right. Even asked me what time I wanted to be reminded. My hands never left the wheel, my eyes never left the road.

3. I wanted to make a phone call to the hubs to tell him I was making dinner! "ok Google, call Rusty"

4. I really needed to get an email out to set up a group meeting that I will be attending next week. "ok Google, send an email to Ross". she asked "what would you like it to say", then I simply speak what it should read.

I LOVE it and I feel like it's such a great feature a lot of busy people don't use as much as they should. You have this option on any phone, though some might require you to download the google app, and some phones might require you to open the app for it to work. Questions? Contact me!

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