Shannon Rusch, Motivational Speaker

I had the opportunity last week to see Shannon Rusch speak at a Business Leaders United event.  Shannon, a Navy SEAL and motivational speaker spoke with his dog at at his side.  He shared stories of his life, his experience training as a SEAL and tied it all into a great message.  He spoke of having passion in what you do, living life in the moment and taking action on your goals today to create the future you want tomorrow.

I took a picture of one of the images he had in his presentation.  It is something that has stuck with me from that moment.  It simply said “How much Action am I taking on a daily basis to create the future I want?”  To extend on that, I recall him saying that we call can have goals, but he still makes it a point to live in today without thinking too much about the future or the past….but to make actions today that help you move toward the future.

In working with my business coach I have started creating a lot of business and life goals.  I have daily tasks that I do to achieve daily and long term goals and I’m creating new goals on a regular basis.  That being said, Shannon’s words made me think just a bit deeper.  I want to now create an action each day that directly correlates to a goal I have. I have a few big ones that you’ll hear about in future posts.  I think a plan like this could keep my brain constantly churning and I kinda dig that feeling.

What are you doing today to take action in your work, life, fun, whatever makes you tick?

Want to learn more about Shannon?  He’s absolutely fantastic and would be a GREAT speaker for your next event.  Check him out here:

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