The New Gmail

It’s here! A new Gmail experience!  Go ahead, try it out!  Click on the Settings Wheel at the top right of your screen and select “Try the New Gmail”!

Get ready, because it is quite different.  There are lots of new differences detailed here on Google Support but here are two of my favorites:

  1. Icons in the email line (including snooze!)

    There they are!  Right there in the same line of the email so you can archive, delete, mark as read or SNOOZE that email for a later date when you’re ready to read it.  Just hover over the emails to get those babies to pop up.
  2. Easy Access to Calendar, Tasks and Keep!
    It’s right over there under your pretty little face on the right.  Just click those handy little icons to open each of these items right there on the screen.

Several more options, with a few still on their way.  If you’re in an organization and don’t see the option to use the new Gmail, contact your system administrator for help.  They may have to “flip that switch” to allow you to see it.

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