The Struggle Behind the Will

Throughout my life I’ve had too many ideas to count.  Some grand, some small, they come in all sizes and types.  Many of the biggest ones, however, have taken a lot of thinking on my part before I actually began any kind of execution.  Some….YEARS!!  There have been projects in life where I have jumped right in and taken it by the horns, building it as I dream it.  Others, for whatever reason, I think and ponder and dream long before I take the tiniest step.  The will to do it is there, I just find a struggle actually pressing GO!

Why? Perhaps they’re more scary?  More difficult?  Afraid of failure, perhaps?

Whatever the reason, I’ve decided it is a lot more fun to build it while I’m dreaming it (even though, my high school teacher, Mrs. Douglas said that’s not the way to do things). While there are typically a lot more failures during those builds, in the end, they usually end up being more successful.

What WILL are you STRUGGLING with?  How can you make it happen?  Perhaps talk it through with someone else?  Perhaps find the GO button and press it!

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