To Do Lists

Do you find yourself having several to do lists laying around? Maybe one on a sticky note next to your computer, one on the fridge, one in the car, etc.? I did. I know it is important to get stuff out of my HEAD so when I start to feel overwhelmed, I write everything down to clear my thinking. Problem was, it didn’t matter where I was, I’d grab a piece of paper and start writing.



Then…..I’d forget things.


Nothing worse than making a list, losing the list then forgetting half the stuff you put on the list! I knew I had a problem for quite some time. Then, one day, I REALLY got overwhelmed and the to-do list problem was the reason. Well, we all know I’m a tech nerd. So, I asked myself “why are you writing everything on paper when it is so easy to lose? Get a grip, Julie!!”

So I turned to the internet and some previous comments I have made about various to-do list tools. Yes, I’ve looked at a ton, even used them for a while then for some reason pulled away. Luckily, I had some great notes about Todoist. So, I gave it another go. And this time, it seems to be sticking. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and am pretty pleased.

I like how todoist is linked on all of my devices so wherever I am, I can make a list item. I can also organize those list items into projects (which eliminated a second place I was storing stuff, but more on that later). I can also (with the premium version)…….delegate my tasks.

I like to delegate.  HUSBAND, go to the grocery store! KID, clean my car!  If I could only delegate my dog to walk himself, I’d be in a really great place in my life.

OH! And a fun part? Yes, there’s a fun part….for the nerds in all of us, anyway.  I LOVED taking a pen and marking through a task item.  It was like my little flag stuck in the dirt of victory.  I think it is why I stuck with paper for so long.  But, what’s neat about Todoist (and several other online task tools) is that when you mark items off your list, you build up points.  And they tell you congrats and make you feel like you’ve done something really awesome.

So, take the plunge, move forward, step into the year 2017 and get that to-do list online!  It will help you, I promise!


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