Uneasy to Excitement

Driving along the other day I got a great idea in my head of a project I could implement to make my company a tish bit better.  Then BAM!  Uneasy feeling.  You know, that one deep in your stomach that reminds you of fear.

I used to listen that feeling…..

…occasionally I still do, depending on my mood at the time….but most of the time I hear my coach saying, “if you don’t feel a little scared, you’re probably not growing”.  That was good advice for me.  Especially at those times when the roller coaster flip is going on in my stomach.

So, find ways to put that uneasy feeling away and get to work. 

That’s what I remind myself.  And, now, it’s growing to be a feeling I get excited about.  I love turning over new leaves, trying new things and overall pushing out of the box to fit into a bigger one.  I think anyone would be nervous, even if just a little, about any of those.  But, if we can turn the nerves into excitement (which sometimes gives you that same stomach flip feeling), then we know we’re on the right track.

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