World Cafe – Not just for lunch!

I had the great opportunity to attend a NC Digital Learning Competency training yesterday where we learned about the DLCs, their importance in education and how to incorporate them in the classroom.  One of the activities we did was a World Cafe.  I had never heard of this method of roundtable discussion before and I was quite impressed by the activity!

Our topics were related to the implementation of the Digital Learning Competencies and were created by the group (about 36 of us) using dotstorming.  Once we put our suggested discussion topics on dotstorming, we all voted and the top six were turned into roundtable topics.  Then, we numbered off and went to our assigned table.  We had 3 minutes to discuss the topic then we switched to another table.  But, the great added bonus to the World Cafe is that one of the members of our group stayed at the table to help guide the next group in the discussion.  A person could only stay behind at one table to assure they got to visit all of the stations.

At first I wasn’t really sure how this would go, but it turned out to be fantastic! The “leader” that stayed behind helped explain some of the ideas the first group discussed which helped the conversation flow a little better.  I can see this model being used with lots of different groups/scenarios.  I plan to implement the same strategy in BizCon, coming up in May with business leaders.  I’m really excited to see how that works.

For more information on World Cafe, visit The World Cafe

Another great resource (also found on the World Cafe website) is this document : Cafe to Go

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